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Angler, Steven Lye, fighting a Bluefin Tuna in
Ancona, Italy using a Stealth STK 79XH.

At Temple Reef we design and manufacturer fishing rods and accessories for the high level, mature angler seeking the idea balance of power, strength, weight and functionality coupled with second to none fit and finish.  Each and every Temple Reef rod is meticulously hand constructed and load tested before every leaving the factory.

We do not seek to build ‘unbreakable’ rods, rather our goal is to build a rod that is a true pleasure to cast and jig all day, after all the pleasure is the sport and the sport is the act of casting and jigging regardless of the result. Our ideal clients are true fisherman who does not believe bait is required to attract and capture his prey.  He is really more of a hunter, stalking and presenting his lures to each individual target.
For more than 14 years now Temple Reef rods have been proven to be reliable, light, fast action rods that will allow the angler to end the fight in the shortest amount of time, with less stress on the angler and the prey. When we talk about actions, we believe in Fast and Moderately Fast tapers that allow you to control the fish and at the same time to apply maximum pressure, to turn the head to win the fight in the shortest amount of time possible.

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