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One stop shopping for all your Slow Pitch Jigging needs!  The best rods from Shimano, Sea Floor Control, Palmarius, Noeby and more!  


The "Hottest" category right now for any offshore Fisherman is certainly "Slow Pitch" or "Slow Fall" Jigging.

This is a relatively new style of jigging originating in Japan using jigs that are designed to move HORIZONTALLY as well as VERTICALLY in the water column.  

One basic premise of "Slow" Jigging is that the jig itself will stay in the "strike zone" longer and with far less effort as compared to "Speed" or "Vertical" Jigging Techniques. The technique is particularly successful with Groupers, who can tend to spook easily and do not respond to "speed jigging" techniques as readily.

If you search Slow Pitch Jigging on YouTube you will find many anglers impart a left/right wobble mimic a struggling bait fish via a combination of rhythmic rod strokes combined with turning the reel handle to 12/3/6/9 o'clock on the downward stroke.

Does it work ?  Check out our Facebook page for dozens of amazing catches all the way up to a 194 Pound Grouper.



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