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Temple Reef has built a reputation for building advanced Popping and Jigging rods.  Our family of rods spans serious fresh water "River Monster" species including ..... to light and back Saltwater applications and of course serious Offshore Salt Water where we have proven ourselves and our products over the past 10 Years.temple-reef-logo-1.jpg

The "Hottest" category right now for any offshore Fisherman is certainly "Slow Pitch" or "Slow Fall" Jigging.

 This is a relatiively new style of jigging originating in Japan using jigs that are designed to move HORIZONTALLY as well as VERTICALLY in the water column.  


One basic premise of "Slow" Jigging is that the jig itself will stay in the "strike zone" longer and with far less effort as compared to "Speed" or "Vertical" Jigging Techniques. 


Another is very short jerks, impart a left/right wobble mimic a struggling bait fish.

Temple Reef has a full line of Slow Pitch Rods called LEVITATE.  There are three models right now 68-1, 68-2 and 68-3. These are all Acid or Roberts Wrapped rods for Conventional (Multiplier) type reels. 

Does it work ?  Check out our Facebook page for dozens of amazing catches all the way up to a 194 Pound Grouper.



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